The Story of “Find-the Best” Lawn Care

Find-the-Best Lawn Care, LLC is one of the best known lawn care companies in Denver. We offer not only the most advanced kinds of lawn mowing service and lawn cutting service available in Colorado, but the very l latest weed control programs, and fertilizing and aerating programs, and in addition to that we also offer a number of truly dramatic landscaping services.

The company was founded back in 1953, by Robert LeLoup, a naturalized American from Quebec in French Canada. His original name for the company (reflected in our URL) was “Trouver le Meilleur” (“Find the Better”), which with the help of his wife Sadie Galway, he translated from French into English as “Find the Best.”

Sadie Galway was the one who brought Robert LeLoup to Denver. She was an adventurous spirit who after graduating from college in 1951 made a grand tour of Europe by hitch-hiking around the continent.

In 1952 she met Robert, an architectural student who had been studying in Paris for the past three years, in the village of Cesseras, in the wine country not far from Narbonne. Both she and he were there in Cesseras to pick grapes, which was something that fun-loving, adventurous college students and newly minted college graduates were wont to do in those days.




Though they were both picking grapes basically on a lark, just to have a little fun in the sun and earn a little spare change, quite to their surprise they ended up falling seriously in love.

So after their time in Cesseras was done, Sadie Galway followed Robert LeLoup back up to Paris, where he completed his architectural degree in 1952. Then she led him across the Atlantic to Denver, where she had been born and raised.

When they arrived in Denver, in the suburban city of Westminster, Robert was so impressed with the beautiful weather and the green fields and forests all around, that he abandoned his plan to become an architect and became a landscape gardener. Truth be told, he confessed to Sadie, who was soon to become his wife, he had all his life been more interested in shaping trees and plants than in creating buildings, and so this was a very natural development for him.

So that is the first chapter in the story of Find-the-Best Lawn Care. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Chapter 2.